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First Inception - is the concept in which virtual reality is of such high fidelity that you can no longer distinguish it for base reality. At this point the odds of base reality being simulated rise exponentially. Reality will be stretched this year, but Universal First Inception (UFI) is probably a decade away. Once you can't be sure if you are in a simulation or not, then you can't be sure if you are in a simulation or not...

What do we call it when we enter Virtual Reality and have an experience there? Is it playing a game? Is it an experience? Where are we when we are there? To find the correct name we will combine our experience of entering and leaving the VR world with the evolution of computing executable nomenclature. Executable code has been known as both programs and Apps (short for applications). This and the nature of VR applications lead us to desire at least three separate names for virtual experiences. When you return from a full virtual reality experience where you have obtained presence it is as if you have returned from another location. Thus we have the following:

  • Journey - A Fully Immersive Virtual Reality Interactive Experience where you achieve Presence
  • Trip - An Interactive Virtual Reality Experience that is not a full Journey
  • Vision - A Virtual Reality Experience that is more Passive in nature

The Call of the StarSeed and Heart of the EmberStone are examples of Journey. It is an episodic fantasy game built from the ground up for virtual reality. A true Journey to another world and illuminating to the player who goes on that journey.

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So the excellent Space Pirate Trainer is most likely a Trip, it would be a full Journey if you could turn around enter the ship and travel to another space port.




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